GAB Robins unveils new claims handling service

Commercial insurance provider GAB Robins recently announced the launch of a new claim handling service, promising that it will increase the firm’s ability to boost its capacities for its insurers that are experiencing periods of high volume work.

Developed with small business insurance, casualty, motor, and domestic property business in mind, the loss adjustment firm has christened their new service the Insurer Assist programme.

The package of insurance claims management tools can be adjusted to either one particular account or whole entire blocks of of insurance claims. The claims handling system will possess the ability to handle specific claims processes in addition to more broader classes of claims processes.

Robins Claim Solutions, GAB Robins’ desktop claims handling facility, will be managing the new claims handling service.

Tony Keilty, director of RCS, released a statement in conjunction with the announcement of the new system, commenting that RCS will be able to provide a more flexible service across multiple business lines because they will be committed to working in close conjunction with their colleagues in casualty and property adjustment.

Keilty added that in addition to their commitment to positive collaborative efforts, the ability of RCS to quickly and efficiently implement business insurance claim solutions can ensure that a timely service response to claims is maintained cost-effectively without having to resort to a reduction in customer service quality.

Keilty concluded by stating that this preservation of high customer service levels was doubly so during the current time of the year because existing staff levels can become stressed due to a high volume of insurance claims, which can easily overwhelm sn already hard-pressed staff.

One of the leading providers in international claims management solutions to both the insurance and the self-insured markets, GAB Robins operates through affiliates in 53 countries worldwide.  The firm specialises in providing global claims services for the casualty and property market.

GAB Robins currently employs over 550 staff members both at home in the UK and overseas. Majority owned and controlled since April 2009 by its senior management team, the firm describes itself as “unique” amongst other insurance providers because of its concentration on long term strategic development of solutions for its clients and their customers.

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