Argo US announces new professional indemnity insurance platform

Argo Group International’s American division, Argo Group US, recently announced it would be expanding its current professional and management insurance offerings with its new professional liability insurance management platform.

Based out of the New York offices, Argo’s new liability management team will address the specific requirements of both its upper and middle-market divisions, basing it on not only  surplus but admitted lines.

Argo’s new commercial insurance programme will offer a wide range of coverage, broadening the insurer’s product portfolio with insurance geared towards executive officers and directors; liability in regards to employment practices; coverage for omissions and errors; crime and fidelity insurance; liability in regards to outside directorship; and fiduciary duty liabilities.  All of Argo’s coverage will be not just for private organisations but will cover the public and non-profit sectors as well.

Argo also introduced its new insurance policy for excess coverage.  The Argo Flex-XS policy was developed to have flexibility and embraces streamlining in regards to excess coverage.  In the same vein as Argo’s new professional management programme, Argo Flex-XS will also be applicable to non-profit and public sector organisations in addition to those in the private sector.

With over two decades of experience in the business insurance industry, senior VP for Argo US Laurie Banez will be supervising the new management liability operation.  Ms Banez is in possession of an impressive knowledge base in regards to operations and underwriting, and joins Argo Group with several supervisory positions at various liability insurance providers under her belt.who brings extensive underwriting and operational knowledge to Argo Group.

Ms Banez recently commented on the new insurance line, stating that the the broadening of the company’s available product was exciting.  She continued, stating that Argo Group US has plans to continually develop their service portfolio to be a consistent creative solution provider for both customers and insurance brokers, and their business liability insurance needs.

Mark Peeters, Chief Professional Underwriter for Argo Re, also commented, stating that the new liability insurance platform Argo Group US is offering will fill out the insurer’s product and service capabilities to match the offerings it has in other markets such as London and Bermuda, in addition to the specific product offerings that the US currently has through Argo Pro.  Mr Peeters concluded by expressing the pleasure the company takes in offering their services to their ever broadening clientele.

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