Stuckey & Co now offering professional liability insurance to US companies

In order to offer job career placement and staffing agencies better protection from any actions undertaken by their employees, US specialty insured Stuckey & Co has begun to offer professional liability insurance specially tailored to their needs.

The errors and omissions insurance coverage will feature premiums as affordable as $500 (£320) in many US States, and coverage will be available to companies with annual billings up to $5 million (£3.2 million).

While the Bureau of Labour Statistics in the US reported net job losses of 35,000 from 2009 September through 2010 February, more than 260,000 temporary jobs were created in the same six month period, and professional staffing agencies played a pivotal role in filling a large number of those positions; for each temp worker an agency sent out, it assumed various liabilities.

In order to protect these job placement and temporary staffing agencies from their workers’ actions, Stuckey & Co is proud to offer their new commercial insurance designed for the job placement industry’s particular needs.

Dwight Stuckey, CEO and President of the insurance provider, commented that the influx of talented staff that are willing to engage in temporary positions in order to increase their chances of landing a full-time job is fueling recent growth in the staffing firm sector.  According to Stuckey, there is no dearth of prospective qualified workers due to the current economic client.   While many corporations are beginning to hire on workers once more, Stuckey added, many of them have been hesitant to offer permanent positions to prospective employees, instead relying on employment and staffing agencies to fill their openings.

Stuckey continued, warning that placement agencies which lack resources can become overworked, resulting in job candidates that may slip through the cracks of any particular vetting processes those agencies may have.  Stuckey concluded, saying that while the lion’s share of temporary workers are in possession of the backgrounds and qualifications they claim to have on their resumes, employment agencies are ultimately responsible for falsified or erroneous information supplied by their temp workers, which could result in crippling legal fees if even one single claim was filed against a smaller company; employment agencies should ensure that their employers liability insurance is up to snuff in such an unfortunate event.

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