Blyth Valley on fast track to receive recognition at UK Broker Awards

Professional indemnity insurance providers Blyth Valley have been informed that they are in the running for both the Intermediary of the Year and E-Business Awards at this year’s UK Broker Awards this September in London.

The nomination for the E-Business Award comes from Blyth Valley’s MatchMaker software, its new e-business application designed to track website visitor behaviour.  The tool tracks several different variables in regards to visits to the business insurance provider’s website, such as number of visits, which pages receive the most heavy traffic, how long each individual visitor lingers on the website, and how often visitors return to the website for more information.

Blyth Valley’s Managing Director, Valerie Hockley, commented on the recent announcement, stating that the company was quite pleased with the news regarding the awards.  For their MatchMaker application to be recognised at the UK Broker awards would be a delight, Ms Hockley continued, since Blyth Valley considers itself to be one of the most progressive brokers of commercial insurance in Britain, in addition to having a high degree of technical sophistication as well.

MatchMaker has facilitated an in-depth analysis of customer methods in regards to interaction with Blyth Valley, added Ms Hockley, which resulted in being able to track 95 per cent of all of the contacts and interactions with their customers either through their Internet presence or through more traditional means.  This detailed data, Ms Hockley also said allows the company to measure its techniques and service offerings in regards to its efficacy in building its business.

Blyth Valley views its customers with great importance, concluded Ms Hockley, stating that in order to ensure they receive the highest level of customer service that they can be offered by the company, Blyth Valley dedicates a large percentage of its resources in educating them in regards to the unique challenges that they may face in regards to insurance coverage, which is reflected in their other recent nomination as Intermediary of the Year.

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