Professional liability insurance broker Marsh announces promotion

Professional liability insurance broker Marsh recently announced that it will be appointing Richard Lloyd as its new head of its Newcastle and Carlisle national corporate business division, which works to provide insurance and risk advice to medium to large companies in the North.

Mr Lloyd, who has been in the employ of Marsh for the previous two years, will take responsibility for not only the business insurance broker’s regional risk advisory services but also its insurance broking as well.

With over a decade and a half of insurance industry experience, Mr Lloyd is successor to Mr Allan McPherson, who was recently promoted to Marsh UK’s leader for national corporate sales.

Marsh UK’s chief of Norther Region affairs, Paul Fairhust, commented on Mr Lloyd’s appointment by saying that it was high time that someone of Mr Lloyd’s caliber was promoted to the position.  Mr Fairhurst continued by saying that the value of having a robust risk management division, in addition to an equally healthy insurance provision, is something an increasing number of business organisations have come to realise as of late, since they can lead to enhancement to a firm’s regulatory compliance, its corporate governance, and also its efficiency savings.

Mr Fairhurst added that he has the utmost confidence in Mr Lloyd’s abilities, predicting that Marsh’s northern England clients will benefit greatly from his leadership in terms of the development of their insurance and risk strategies, contributing overall to continuing their successful operations.

Mr Lloyd also commented on his new promotion, stated that there is no organisation, big or small, that cannot benefit from an application of proper risk management techniques.  In light of the global economic downturn, he added, there is absolutely no reason to reserve the practise to multinational corporations.

Mr Lloyd concluded his statement by commenting on the innovative reputation Marsh has earned for itself in regards to customer service in the North, and he was looking forward to collaborating with his peers and colleagues in Newcastle and Carlisle in their efforts to make their clients become as successful as possible.

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