MORE TH>N wins British Insurance Award for E-Business

Personal and business insurance provider MORE TH>N was recently honored by a British Insurance Award for e-business due to its successful launch of its pilot LivePerson online chat programme, more than doubling its rate of conversion after deploying the live chat feature and achieving a customer satisfaction rating of 87 per cent.

Focusing on the effective use of but information and communications technology by both general and commercial insurance companies, the British Insurance Award is presented by UK business media publisher Incisive Media.  Commending the application of new technologies in an innovative manner and showcasing successfully generating new business in a profitable manner, the award is given to insurance companies who have demonstrated such qualities.

Gero Bertolone, spokesperson for MORE TH>N, announced the company’s pleasure at the recognition of their LivePerson programme by the British Insurance Awards, saying that the pilot program allowed the company to claim additional opportunities for generating revenue that were previously untapped.  53 per cent of the sales generated by the website, Mr Bertolone continued, were directly related to the LivePerson programme, and has been proven to be an integral part of the company’s ability to drive sales in the online market while also enabling the delivery of superior customer service online.

Due to the pilot programme’s success, the insurance company has instituted the LivePerson chat throughout both their motor and home insurance websites as a primary communication tool in order to drive their online sales and also to improve customer support and satisfaction.

LivePerson’s executive VP of sales and service Jim Disco commented on how much excitement had been generated by MORE TH>N’s recognition for their achievements in instituting their live chat interface, especially in light of how brief a period the pilot programme was actually implemented.  Mr Disco further said that LivePerson felt honored that the insurance company has gone through with the decision to institute the new feature throughout their web pages, and that they are looking forward to working in a close manner to optimise programme efficiencies in regards to maximum return on their investment.

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