European PI insurance provider and reinsurer Glacier Re announces new appointments

European PI insurance and reinsurance provider Glacier Re has recently announced the new immediate appointment of Mr Andreas Zdrenyk in order to fill  the newly-vacated positions of both chief operating officer and additionally chief financial officer of the insurance group.

Mr Zdrenyk is to replace founder Glenn Campbell, currently serving as chief financial officer and chief operating officer.  Mr Campbell recently resigned from his positions and will be parting ways with the office insurance company after a transitionary period has been completed.

Mr Zdrenyk has been a member of the Glacier team for two years, first as chief of the Group Risk Management division; currently he servies as the head risk officer for the commercial insurance firm.

Prior to his work for Glacier, Mr Zdrenyk has worked for SCOR Holdings  AG, based in Switzerland, in addition for providing services for the casualty and property division of SCOR Global in the role of chief operating officer.  Prior to that, his early career has seen him holding several different posts with insurance firms Winterthur, Converium, and reinsurer Zurich Re.

Todd Hard, chief executive officer for Glacier, released a statement regarding the appointment in which he described the contribution of the outgoing Campbell to the insurance firm crucial in regards to both operations and market strategy, citing the approach Mr Campbell used was an innovative one and is highly responsible for the success of the firm.

Mr Hart additionally said that he was saddened by Mr Campbell’s decision to step down from his positions with Glacier Re, but in light of the fact that the firm had made the decision to liquidate its portfolio in an impending run-off, he could easily understand Mr Campbell’s motivations for leaving.

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