Case Funding Limited receives authorisation from the FSA

Insurer Case Funding Limited, specialising in litigation funding, before the event insurance, and after the event insurance, recently announced their status as newly receiving authorisation by the Financial Services Authority.

The new authorisation for the firm sets in motion their plans to incorporate several new ranges of products over coming half year, which will range from an after the event product geared towards solicitors to professional indemnity insurance, also for the solicitor market.

Alan Burdett, managing director for Case Funding Limited, commented on the new authorisation by the FSA to begin offering new business insurance products.  Mr Burdett explained that the firm had made the decision to be able to offer its client base a better sense of security, and that seeking regulation from the FSA was a natural evolution in regards to their plans for the expansion.

Mr Burdett also commented that the company also made the move to capitalise on its already strong business model in order to build strength in another facet of the commercial insurance market.

As professional indemnity insurance premiums have rocketed these past few years, the market is in dire need of more competition.  With Case Funding Limited entering the professional indemnity market, the natural tendency for claims to increase during rough economic waters may be mitigated to some degree, industry experts say.

Additionally, legal firms that have had a traditional focus on business relating to real estate have been subject to being singled out as of late.  The culprit behind this specific loading, many market insiders say, is due to mortgage fraud fears running rampant, which have only been exacerbated by the still sluggishly recovering British economy.

Many in the legal community have welcomed the news that Case Limited is entering the market.  Among them is Robert Evans, a partner from Fentons Solicitor and Roland Robinson.

Mr Evens declared that the new development would be a help in strengthening the firm’s services and products, confirming that he had chosen correctly whilst engaging Case Limited’s services.

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