Former Chartis PI insurance underwriter joins Lockton

Stuart Dugdill, former underwriting manager for professional indemnity development for Chartis Professions Regions, is set to begin work at the Manchester offices of Lockton at the beginning of November.

Prior to his work for Lockton, Mr Dugdill was responsible for business retention, client relationships, and new business development for the commercial insurance provider.

Managing partner for Lockton North Matt Davies commented on the new developments for his firm, stating that due to the the high concentration of firms in need of professional liability insurance, outside of London Manchester is the largest underwriting centre for professions.  The arrival of Mr Dugdill gives Lockton a serious leg up on the market thanks to its highly competitive nature, added Mr Davies, who then praised Mr Dugdill’s highly positive reputation, the depth of his experience with the market, and the large number of contacts he has across the length and breadth of the North.

Mr Davies also stated that as Mr Dugdill has a strong reputation of providing his clients with service of exceptional quality, which dovetails nicely with Lockton’s business ethos.  Lockton feels that Mr Dugdill’s addition to their firm is sure to e a valuable one.

Mr Dugdill commented directly as well, expressing his delight in joining the Professions team at Lockton.  As the suite of products developed by Lockton have demonstrated to be quite dominant in the recent professional indemnity season, Mr Dugdill stated his belief that brokers should work in close conjunctions with their clients in order to advise them on every aspect inherent in risk mitigation and management.

Mr Dugdill concluded by stating that he was looking forward to beginning work in Manchester both nationally and with his new North region colleagues.  Mr Dugdill also expressed a desire to help make Lockton the PI insurance broker of choice for the solicitors’ market.

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