Public liability insurance holders issued farm work warnings

Public liability insurance holders have recently been put on notice in regards to farm work conducted in an unsafe manner in the wake of a farmer from North Yorkshire receiving a heavy fine.

Farm company GR Turnbull & Sons recently faced prosecution for breaching a 1998 work regulation governing provisions and use after one firm partner, Peter Turnbull, allowed an individual under his supervision entry into a work area whilst highly dangerous machinery was still under operation.

His fines, which now must be recuperated by the firm’s business liability insurance, total  £10,000.  His court costs, which are an addition to the settlement amount, will run him another £1,698.

The Magistrates Court of Scarborough heard testimony that a farm worker hired by the firm faced amputation of his severely injured leg after he sustained an injury during harvest.  The man’s leg became lodged in the rotating cutters of a harvester while he was assisting to clear a blockage on the machine.

Health and Safety Executive inspector Charlie Callis commented on the incident, declaring them to be all too common an occurrence in the farm worker sector.  It is an inevitability that the outcomes of such terrible accidents, he added,  are equally terrible.

Based on the ration of injury and death per workforce size, according to data gathered by the Health and Safety Executive, farm work is now by far the most dangerous profession in which to work.  In light of this data industry insiders have declared that the need for employers liability insurance by farm farm companies is absolutely essential.  The terrible accident that resulted in the recent leg amputation, experts say, is a grisly highlight to just how important the cover truly is for the entire sector.

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