Concerned companies check their business insurance policies

Companies that have concerns regarding potential disputes with their employees thanks to implementing new corporate policies have been recently cautioned to check their business insurance policies.

Ensuring how important it is for any business liability insurance policies companies have to be both up to date and have provisions for protecting against employee disputes has been illustrated by a recent case involving Norfolk’s Breckland Council.

The council introduced a change to its policies by introducing a new smoking rule stating that staff members taking a smoking break have to clock off for the break.  A result of the new policy is that smokers are not be paid for any time spent outside the building indulging their habit.

Lobbyist groups have already issued pronouncements in denunciation of the new policy.  Calling the new regulations tyrannical, these groups insist that staff are entitled to break time throughout the day to do whatever they wish, whether it be conducting personal business, eating, or smoking.

Luckily for Breckland Council, its new policy in regards to smoking has engendered support from a majority of its staff members.  Despite this lucky break for the Council, it illustrates how any company that plans to implement a new corporate policy should make preparations for the possibility of employees taking issue with the new policy. This is doubly important if any percentage of the company’s staff could interpret the new policy as being unfair or discriminatory.

In order to avoid such pitfalls, industry experts recommend that companies consult their existing employers liability insurance policy and ensure it has strong provisions in the event of any employee disputes that may occur.  As such disputes can be highly disruptive in the normal course of a given company’s business, it is more cost-effective to make sure that a company’s business insurance policy covers such disputes before they occur.

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