Review your business insurance policy, says the BBC

Thanks to the destruction of a factory in West Sussex due to the ravages of fire, one report suggests that companies may see the terrible damage as a wake-up-call to review their business liability insurance cover.

The BBC recently reported that after it had been set by tresspassers, a terrific fire has done extensive damage to Crawley-based Y&B Plating. The 2-storey edifice was set ablaze late in the evening approximately one week ago on November 2nd and potentially generating a  huge business insurance claim.

Crawley, Horley, and Haywards Heath emergency crews and fire service were first to report to the scene.  There they encountered thick billows of smoke emanating from the ground floor.  A subsequent police investigation found that a discarded cigarette lighter and a can of petrol had been left in close proximity to the site of the fire. Currently the authorities believe that the trespassers gained entry into the factory by passing through one of the many skylights on the building.

The police and fire crews have thoroughly searched the entire crime scene and now await forensic test results in order to move the investigation forward. Many industry experts have stated that while the fire was caused by a particularly mindless bout of criminal activity, the incident has highlighted how truly important it is for businesses to not only secure their premises sufficiently but also to ensure that the cover on their commercial insurance policy has provisions for such devastating levels of destruction that are caused by fire damage and related “forces of nature.”

While it is true that a large number of business liability insurance policies do indeed offer cover for any damages that result from acts of burglary, vandalism, or arson, businesses have a strong duty to check the particulars of their cover in order to ensure that they have the proper levels of protection in place to safeguard their investments.

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