Guild of Healthcare Pharmacists comments on professional indemnity insurance

The Guild of Healthcare Pharmacists recently made news by releasing a statement regarding arrangements for professional indemnity insurance.

In their statement the guild accepted for purposes of declaration that arrangements for employers liability insurance due to the fact that Guild standards dictate as a requirement that superintendent pharmacists and pharmacy owners of retail pharmacy businesses must ensure that any and all professional activities that are undertaken by them or under their control are adequately covered under a professional liability insurance of some sort.

However the guild felt it was necessary to point out a requisite responsibility on the part of registrants to confirm that the appropriate arrangements are in place.

The Guild further commented on the statement by saying that any technicians and pharmacists employed by NHS have resources to get detailed information in regards to undertakings.  The Guild further advised pharmacists to secure additional levels of support from a trade union accredited by the NHS to act as a representative through Regulatory tribunals and disciplinary processes.

The Guild did reiterate however that there was no requirement for pharmacists employed by NHS to engage in the activity.

GHP member pharmacists who opt to procure additional support through a trade union will have the appropriate cover in place for them while employed by a pharmacy employer or service company who also has appropriate levels of coverage, whether if employed directly or if classified as being self-employed.

For further information, pharmacists are urged to visit the GHP presidential blog for a more in-depth discussion of the issue.

Existing to defend the interests of pharmacists who work in healthcare institutions such as primary care facilities and hospitals, GHP provides support for both commercial and NHS healthcare providers throughout Britain.  GHP has provided individual pharmacists with support in the local and national scales.

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