Public liability insurance holders issued warning by HSE

Warnings have been issued to holders of public liability insurance cover that use recycling and waste services that more steps need to be taken to minimise the number of injuries that occur within the industry sector.

The Health and Safety Executive recently released research findings that show for every 100,000 employees, 416 of them are either killed or suffer a major injury while engaged at work for the recycling and waste industry.  This figure compares highly unfavorably to the overall industry rate of 102 our of every 100,000, and public liability insurers are sure to take notice.

The data collected by the research survey also found that for the 2009-10 year, a total of 530 serious injuries were suffered by recycling and waste employees, which was a 10 per cent reduction on the year previous to that.

Manufacturing head for the Health and Safety Executive Geoff Cox, who also oversees recycling and waste, released a statement in conjunction with the new research findings in which he said that the reduction in the number of deaths in the sector was indeed encouraging. ¬†However he felt that the comparatively high rate of injury painted a “stark picture” that there is more work that is in need of getting done in order to reduce that figure to tolerable levels.

In a comparison to other sectors, recent figures released in regards to the manufacturing sector revealed to business liability insurance cover holders that the sector suffered a grand total of 22 deaths throughout the 2009-2010 year.

Several industry experts have agreed that as the cost of securing proper cover increases due to a higher number of deaths and injuries, the sector may begin to shrink as several smaller manufacturing firms are forced out of business by being unable to pay for the levels of cover required for them to remain afloat.

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