Cornwall businesses may lodge business insurance claims

Due to the heavy flooding in the area, Cornwall-based businesses may soon be lodging claims on their business insurance policies.

Heavy precipitation and terrible storms were the cause of widespread damage and severe disruption across the entire county. There was so much chaos on the local motorways that several drivers were forced to abandon their cars along the side of the road.

People were stranded and trapped in their residences, cars, and places of business are helicopters needed to be deployed in some cases to rescue and airlift them to a safe location.

Additionally the heavy amounts of rain made things worse when a landslide completely barred the central train line both into and out of Cornwall, cutting off the county’s train travel connections with the rest of the UK.

The police also closed a high number of Cornwall’s main roads, severing the connection with the rest of the country as a result of the major flooding.

Both the Met Office and the Environment Agency issued severe weather warnings throughout the south-west region after heavy rain had been forecast for the area. Business and home owners prepared for highly dangerous conditions and adopted emergency planning measures to mitigate the rising floodwaters that threatened to damage their properties.

Many firms will undoubtedly be affected by the heavy amounts of flooding in the area, which may lead to an uptick in commercial insurance claims in order to cover the costs incurred by repairing water damage to their shops and offices.

The flooding has served as a reminder to all businesses of just how imperative it is to secure adequate business liability insurance cover for their physical premises in order to gain protection against the high amount of damage that can occur due to terrible weather and related calamities.

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