Business liability insurance holders informed of events

Business liability insurance holders in the painting and decorating industry were recently informed that the first of several health and safety events scheduled for Scotland had taken place in Dumfries.

Representatives from more than 40 local painting and decorating businesses were in attendance at the November 17th event, according to Health & Safety Executive website  The HSE is aiming to persuade smaller-scale commercial insurance holders to demonstrate more responsibility in their health and safety policy implementation strategies.

One board member for the HSE, Hugh Robertson, recently stated that one goal of the safety authority, which is shared by Local Authorities, is to make their approach for an increasing number of small and medium sized businesses much more customised.   This will in turn help these businesses in their compliance efforts with the health and safety obligations that they have.

Business insurance holders may be interested to learn that any attendees to the events planned for the future will be afforded the opportunity to meet a selected number of safety regulators from Galloway and Dumfries Council in addition to those from the Health and Safety Executive.

The Partnership for Health and Safety in Scotland planned event that occurred on the 17th was also designed to inform the members of the business community of the differing kinds of support and aid that is available to them in their local area in regards to matters of health and safety.

To highlight the importance of proper health and safety policies being put in place for the protection of the employees of any given business, The Health and Safety Executive also pointed out that in the 2009-10 year, a total of 23 workers in Scotland sustained injuries on the job that led to their deaths.

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