Business insurance provider offers professional indemnity insurance solutions

One long time independent business insurance provider has been offering not only commercial insurance solutions for many years but has also begun to offer professional indemnity insurance solutions as well.

Keystone Insurance, which has been offering specialised insurance solutions to businesses in the UK for several years, has recently grown to become a premier supplier of construction and business liability insurance solutions as well.  The commercial insurance policies have the capability of covering such topics as stock and buildings to employers and public liability.

Keystone has a varied list of commercial insurance products that it has been offering to its customers for several years.  Some of the firm’s specialities are insurance for shops and manufacturing plans, insurance to cover public liability issues, professional indemnity insurance cover, insurance for the wind energy sector, construction and builders insurance, insurance for commercial properties, liability insurance for employers, insurance for contractors to cover all risks, and personal accident insurance cover, to name but a few.

The specialised commercial insurance team that is employed by Keystone has a high level of expertise in business matters and is able to provide professional, high-quality service to its client base quickly and accurately. The firm’s experienced and friendly staff stands ready to offer advise on an impartial basis to its entire client list, and their professional, reliable, and speedy insurance service has played an instrumental role in growing its client base across the UK and Ireland.

In addition to its work with the high number of private clients it services every year, Keystone is a regular arranger of insurance packages for the public sector as well; the firm has handled both large government and local authority infrastructure projects alike by providing the needed insurance solutions to its government clients.

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