Public liability insurance customers cautioned

Public liability insurance policy holders have recently been issued a warning after one agricultural college faced public liability-related prosecution proceedings.

Chelmsford’s Writtel College recently admitted it was in breach of one particular section of the 1974 Health and Safety at Work Act.  As a result, they were fined £7,000.

The college additionally faces fines of £5,000 for being found in breach of the 1998 Provision and Use of Work Equipment Regulation 11.  The college was also ordered to pay costs of  nearly £2,000.

The charges were levied against the college after the Magistrates Court in Chelmsford heard testimony detailing how 19 year old John Hurley had been engaged in six months’ work at Writtel College’s farm facility, during which time he had been operating a bailing machine that did not possess any type of guarding.

Health and Safety Executive Keith Waller stated that guidance and advice is freely available for both employers liability insurance policy holders, be they individuals or organisations, on how to stay safe by complying with any applicable laws.  Mr Waller further stated that the Health and Safety Executive would not hesitate to take action against any employers who neglect to properly comply with those laws.  The HSE inspector also added that educational institutions would not be immune from the consequences of breaking several work safety regulations.

Many public liability insurance experts agree that companies found to be in breach of any Health and Safety Executive rules and regulations are likely to face an increase in their premiums when it comes time for their renewal, even if the breach did not result in any serious damages to either the place of business or the firm’s employees.

In related news, Callender Aeropart in Lancashire faced prosecution after the left hand of a worker became injured whilst he was operating one of its machines.

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