Avoid employers liability insurance claims by staying safe

Many West Yorkshire companies have been told that in order to ensure their workers are safe and to avoid employers liability insurance claims in the future, improvements to their health and safety efforts must be made.

The newly made announcement came just after a two week long Health and Safety Executive inspection of local West Yorkshire businesses.

Employers liability claims may be easily avoided now that in excess of 70 area businesses had a number of on site problems pointed out in time to rectify them before any dangerous incidents occur.

Just a few of the potentially deadly – and costly – incidents waiting to happen included instances of flammable liquids stored in an incorrect manner, a lack of controlled contact with fumes that had been caused by welding activities, and absent or inadequate safety guards installed around machines that could be potentially life-threatening if a worker were to get caught or fall into the machinery.

Health and Safety Executive inspectors, in conjunction with local authority officials, called on nearly 450 different companies located in Bradford, Calderdale, Wakefield, and Kirklees during the inspection.
Prohibition Notices were served on eight of the 450 sites, while 63 of the work premises were given improvement notices.

According to data released by the Health and Safety Executive, for the 2009-2010 year a total of 23 worker injuries in the Humber and Yorkshire proved fatal; for the same period of time, major casulties in the region numbered at 2,635.

Industry experts are quick to point out that while it can be expensive to procure business insurance cover for many industries, the costs associated with a long and expensive legal battle over compensation in the event of a worker accident can be extremely prohibitive and taking out proper insurance cover can help alleviate such a problem if it occurs.

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