IT training can reduce business insurance claims

For companies that are on the lookout for ways to reduce the number of business insurance claims they lodge for data losses related to computer system breakdowns, IT security training for their staff members may be the most cost-effective option.

Security software firm Sophos’ senior technology consultant, Graham Cluley, recently released a statement that remarked proper employee education in regards to computer viruses and cyber attacks is not only vital for systems security but for reducing business liability insurance claims as well.

Mr Cluley made the acknowledgement that individual consumers usually have far weaker protection in comparison to companies, as their personal data is much less sensitive and less prone to being the target of a cyber theft or related matter.  Additionally businesses will often employ IT security experts who provide support and guidance on how to safely manage risk in regards to problems related to computer security issues.

The senior technology consultant added however that unless firms set strong IT policies out for their entire staff, and then follow those policies up by proper levels of guidance on how potentially harmful certain high-risk online activities are, they are effectively leaving the door open for hackers and other cyber criminals that could seriously cripple a business.

Mr Cluley observed that it’s more than just buying new and updated security software.  He stated that companies need not only the proper tools but also to train and educate their staff properly in safe computer operation practises.  The most common weak link in the chain is not the computer but the human user, he stated, saying that hackers are usually ushered into a company by staff members who make poor decisions.

Since corrupted files or other cyber security threats may result in disruption to business or lost data, companies are advised to make sure their business insurance is not only up to date but also provides adequate levels of cover from technology issues.

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