Public liability policyholders warned by recent accident

Public liability policyholders in the UK who specialise in road works were recently issued a warning in the wake of an accident that led to the prosecution of one major British company that transports gas.

The public liability insurance claim arose from an accident that occurred on the Isle of Wight that involved a car flipping on its side after hitting a metal plate during road works. The damage to the car was so severe that the fire service was needed to cut the driver free, resulting in the vehicle becoming a total write-off.

Southern Gas Networks has since entered a plea of guilty for its breach of the 2007 Construction (Design and Management) Regulations, in particular Regulation 27(3).  The company has been fined a total of £20,000, which does not include the £13,523 it must pay in additional costs.

Jane Beckmann, inspector for the Health and Safety Executive, stated that Southern Gas Networks put motorists in danger when it neglected to plan its work in an effective manner that would adequately protect users of the road after the metal plate had been moved.

Professional liability insurance policy holders need to keep in mind several different work site dangers.  The construction industry especially has to ensure that work sites are organised properly and effectively managed to minimise the danger of trips, slips, and falls, states the Health and Safety Executive.

Southern Gas Networks, which is part of the multi-region Scotia Gas Networks, is one of the largest gas distribution companies in the UK.  Supplying natural gas to 5.7 million customers in Britain, Scotia Gas Networks maintains over 74,000 kilometres of gas mains and services.

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