Asbestos roof may lead to employers liability insurance claim

Contractors that hold employers liability insurance cover were recently issued warnings concerning the dangers of asbestos roofs.  The building material, which is common in older construction, may suffer winter weather related damage.

Fibre Environmental Services issued the recent warning.  The firm stated that the sudden onset of heavy snowfall could lead to exposure to asbestos.  This could result in a business liability insurance claim if workers are exposed to the highly toxic substance.

Barry Softley, Managing director for Fibre Environmental Services, commented on the dangers.  Mr Softley stated that the firm was highlighting the issue because of the need for asbestos awareness. Not only does asbestos exposure lead to commercial insurance claims, it is also a very real threat to the health and well-being of construction workers, he said.  Additionally the managing director stated that winter weather conditions can cause further deterioration to buildings with existing asbestos.

Older construction has a higher tendency to create problems in colder weather.  Buildings currently in disrepair can cause the largest of these problems.  These run-down buildings may no longer be able to withstand the ravages of the cold, wind, and snow.

Fibre Environmental Services also added that if a house has roof shingles that incorporate the material the likelihood of asbestos in other areas rises.  Such areas as flooring adhesives or ceiling insulation are two places in which the substance may be present.

Those in the construction industry currently working on such properties have been warned of the dangers.  The firm stated that it is of the utmost importance that these buildings must be thoroughly examined in order to determine if the winter weather has done any damage to building materials which could contain the highly dangerous substance.

The lethality of asbestos is well-documented.  The Health and Safety Executive has gone as far as to label the building material a silent but deadly killer.

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