Public liability insurance essential for protection

Public liability claims can be crippling to an unprepared business.  If a member of public or customer suffers an injury upon a business premises, a public liability insurance policy may be the only thing standing between that company and financial ruin.

Industry experts agree that unexpected incidents can occur at any time, despite the best precautions any given business may take.  The only recourse is to ensure that proper professional indemnity insurance cover such as public liability insurance is in place before any incidents occur.

Such insurance coverage has added benefits as well.  Many policies can cover the repairing of broken property, the replacement of broken or lost possessions, and the costs of resultant medical care. The level of cover provided by any given policy is ultimately a function of each individual business owner, however.  Business owners typically tailor their cover to fit the specific needs of their businesses.

Those businesses who neglect to procure insurance cover run the risk of being levied a hefty fine.  One such example is the fine Chelmsford’s Writtel College was made subject to.  The college now has to pay a £11,000 fine after it was found guilty of being in breach of the 1974 Healthy and Safety at Work Act.

The fine is related to the activity of one of the college’s students. Student John Huntley was found using a bailing machine that had no adequate guarding installed.

Keith Waller, an inspector for the Health and Safety Executive, stated that the HSE does not hesitate in taking action against employers who neglect to comply with the law.  This includes educational establishments such as Writtel College. However Mr Waller did also say that guidance and advice is made freely available to help individuals and organisations alike stay safe and comply with the law.

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