Government changes public liability insurance asbestos rules

The government recently announced it will be changing the guidelines regarding asbestos victims.  The new policy could mean an increase in the frequency of public liability insurance claims filed by the surviving family members of a deceased asbestos victim.

While campaigners welcome the change, professional liability insurance providers may not be happy with the new rules.  Now those people that experienced a death in their family at the hands of asbestos-related illness will become eligible for business insurance compensation payments.

Construction companies and their insurers were informed that those who die from asbestos-related illnesses such as pleural plaques can have their families receive a compensation payout of £5,000.  The only requirement that must be met by these families is that a payout application had to have been lodged preceding the date of the asbestos victim’s death.

The regional secretary for the Northern Trades Union Congress commented on the new development.  Mr Kevin Rowan stated that the victims of pleural plaques have campaigned long and hard for the new regulations.  Persuading the government to change the compensation scheme for illnesses linked to asbestos exposure has been a time-consuming struggle, he added.  Mr Rowan stressed that it was only fair in his view that the new compensation scheme has been put into effect, as he said the negligence of employers leads directly to asbestos exposure.
However if a victim of asbestos-related illness dies without applying to the scheme, the government will still refuse to pay out on any claims.

Many illnesses such as pleural plaques have been linked to asbestos exposure.  Pleural plaques is related to the other highly prevalent asbestos-related medical condition known as mesothelioma.  While pleural plaques are benign lung tumors, mesothelioma is an especially virulent form of lung cancer that results in thousands of deaths every year.

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