Archive | January, 2011

Small business insurance broker launches online tracker

Small business insurance broker Simply Business has launched a live online commercial insurance tracking platform to aid its customers throughout all stages of the claims process.

XL appoints international chief professional indemnity insurance underwriter

Business insurance provider XL Insurance has recently appointed a new chief professional indemnity insurance underwriting officer.

Professional indemnity insurance policyholders urged to be thoughtful

Business insurance policy holders have recently been urged by industry experts to be thoughtful when considering their Health and Safety precautions and duties for their workers.

Commercial insurance provider appoints liability underwriter

One new professional liability insurance underwriter will soon be joining commercial insurance provider MGA Arista.

Business insurance provider announces new appointment

Business insurance provider Brit Insurance has recently announced the appointment of a new Property and Combined Underwriter.

Business insurance expert urging office insurance take up

In the wake of many businesses and industries suffering due to poor economic circumstances, one business insurance expert has recently urged firms to take out office insurance in order to protect themselves.

Commercial insurance provider Aviva’s European chief departs

Commercial insurance provider Aviva has recently announced the chief of its European division will be leaving the firm.

Commercial insurance pricing declines 5.4% in fourth quarter

As commercial insurance pricing declined 5.4 per cent on average in the fourth quarter, the soft business insurance market has shown no signs of change.

Garden centre accused of public liability violation

After a pensioner sustained injuries on its premises, the owners of one garden centre located near Didcot stands accused of public liability violations.

Commercial insurance provider announces new appointment

Commercial insurance specialist Arista has recently announced the appointment of Tony Collman as head of professional liability insurance underwriting.