Shop owner fined for lack of employers liability insurance

One shop owner now faces being fined by the Health and Safety Executive after it was discovered that his takeaway business was without compulsory employers liability insurance.

Mohammed Aslam, who trades under the name The Raj, was not present at the Bradford Magistrates Court hearing that resulted in his fine.  At the hearing he was found to be in breach of a 1969 Employers Liability act for his lack of commercial insurance.  As a result Mr Aslam was assigned a fine of £2,500.

If he fails to produce a certificate that proves he has obtained professional indemnity insurance of some sort, he will be subject to an additional £1,000 in fines.  Also he will face the prospect of being responsible for the full legal costs of the proceedings, which amount to £2,585.40.

One HSE inspector commented on the particulars of Mr Aslam’s case.  Lee Perry remarked that it is completely unacceptable behaviour for an employer to neglect to arrange insurance to cover their employees for illnesses or injuries that can occur during the course of their work. Mr Perry added that if employers choose to turn a blind eye to the possibility of their workers becoming sick or injured, choose to play a very dangerous game of chance.

Mr Perry concluded that his organisation is constantly on the look out for such behaviour from business owners.  When the HSE becomes aware of an employer engaging in such activity, the regulatory authority does not hesitate to take action in order to enforce any regulatory breaches.

Mr Aslam was found to be in breach of Section 1(1) of the 1969 Act.  According to the relevant section, employers who carry out business in the UK are required to procure insurance under at least one approved policy.

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