Collapsed wall leads to public liability insurance claim

After a two year old boy lost his life in an accident involving the collapse of a poorly constructed wall, contractors have been put on notice regarding the importance of securing public liability insurance.

The incident occurred in North London where thanks to high winds a wall collapsed on little Saurav Ghai who had been walking home with his nanny at the time.

Camden Council recently admitted responsibility for the brick wall that had collapsed.  However in its defense the council had been under the impression that it had hired expert contractors with business liability insurance to maintain the structure.  The council added that it had not discharged its duty of providing for the health and safety of the public in neglecting to carry out repair, inspection, and maintenance work on the structure.

Professional indemnity insurance holders have been informed that Southwark Crown Court is currently holding trial to determine the depth of responsibility the council has for the incident.

The young child became buried in rubble when the eight and a half foot wall fell on him on the 18th of January 2007.  He was on his way to Belsize Park where he lived when he was traveling through Gospel Oak’s Wendling Estate with a caregiver at the time of the incident.

Saurav’s parents have declined to comment on the ongoing hearing.  However both Mr and Mrs Ghai have made a  £10,000 donation to the Royal Free Hospital in gratitude to hospital staff for labouring diligently in attempting to save the life of their son.

At a previous hearing, Mr Ghai had stated that Saurav had been a beautiful, smiling child and that the family has chosen to remember him as such.

In related news a falling sculpture that resulted in injuries to one boy’s foot resulted in East Lothian Council being fined £600.

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