Public liability insurance woes cancel street parties

While many have begun to plan street parties in celebration of the royal wedding, many have been warned that the need to take out a public liability insurance policy could throw a wet blanket over the festivities.

One such group of celebrants were given a rude awakening when they were told that they could throw their street party – but only if they took out a £5 million public liability policy.

When Hayley Mills and friends contacted their council with questions regarding the best ways to plan their own celebration in honour of Prince William’s wedding to Kate Middleton, they were also told that they needed to adhere to a 30-point health and safety checklist in order to avoid liability issues.

The rules they were given included a ban on hanging bunting from lamp posts to avoid issues created if they fell.  Hydrants were also specifically mentioned as needing to be kept free and uncovered by any chairs and tables.

In response to the council’s regulatory wet blanket, Rochester, Kent native Mrs Mills called the entire situation preposterous.  Mrs Mills complained that she had been met with a tidal wave of bureaucratic red tape all for wanting to set a few chairs and tables out with drinks and food.  She was mystified as to how Medway Council expected anyone to be able to commemorate the royal wedding under such stringent regulations.

When approached to comment, the council stated that as the street parties are taking place on roads that were designed for motor traffic, the need to ensure that safety measures are enforced is of great importance.

Many insurance industry experts suggested that the council may be concerned of the costs of public liability claims that could arise from injuries sustained by celebrants during these street parties.

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