Only one week remains for street party planning

Those interested in organising a street party in Central Bedfordshire to commemorate the royal royal wedding later in April have just about a week left to put in applications to the local council and secure proper public liability cover.

The 29th of April will be a time of rejoicing for the whole country when  Prince William marries Kate Middleton.  Many communities have been eagerly awaiting the royal wedding by planning to hold street parties.

In response to the massive influx of requests for road closures, Central Bedfordshire Council has decided to make a traffic order that blankets the whole district.  This frees organisers from having to pay road closure charges under the proviso that an application is filed with the council before the 12th of April.

Central Bedfordshire Council’s Highways and Transportation director Basil Jackson stated that it was gratifying to see so many communities across the district taking advantage of the road closure fee waiver in honour of the royal wedding. He stated that the council wanted everyone to have the ability to enjoy the celebrations without having to cut through miles of red tape, but did remind party planners to not only keep the council properly informed but also take steps to ensure public liability insurance cover was in place in the event of any unforeseen accidents.

While such insurance cover is not mandatory, the council recommended party organisers to To aid residents further, the Council is offering advice to organisers to strongly consider the take-out of such a policy in order to prevent liability aainst such things as personal injuries and damage sustained by public property during the festivities.

The council is making public liability insurance available for the cost of £63.60 inclusive of all relevant tax.  An ‘all risks’ cover is also available for an additional £26.50 inclusive of tax as well.

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