New Ipswich-based online PI insurance broker launches

A new Ipswich-based online PI insurance broker has recently launched, sources say.

With directors that have experience in the small business insurance sector, new broker  Policy Bee has announced it will be specifically targeting small consultancies, independent consultants, and small businesses in order to provide them with professional liability insurance.

The firm behind Policy Bee recently established an American sister company last year in Boston, Massachusetts.  The firm arranges both general business insurance and professional indemnity insurance across several different professional sectors including recruitment and training, public relations, management consultancy, IT, design, architecture, and accountancy.

Policy Bee managing partner Valerie Hockley stated that the benefits of working closely with a specialised broker cannot be overestimated for small businesses. Ms Hockley remarked that Policy Bee can tailor the cover to fit the specific needs of firms that come to the broker.

Adding that its customers are of extreme importance to the firm, Ms Hockley commented that Policy Bee spends as much time with each of them until they are educated in regards to the proper kinds of insurance cover they need.

Many Policy Bee customers find professional indemnity insurance of particular importance.  This is because such insurance will cover a firm from not only damages but legal defence costs in the event of a client deciding to make a claim against a firm for negligence.  Such costs can easily ruin a business financially, stated Ms Hockley.   As it is such a specialised insurance area, brokers with suitable experience in the cover are extremely important to have.

The Policy Bee team has many years experience of operating within the professional indemnity insurance marketplace.  This experience can prove to be indispensable to firms as they move forward said the managing partner, adding that the firm’s clients can be confident that Policy Bee is looking after their best interests.

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