PM says bin the public liability insurance for Royal Wedding

In an expression of frustration with bureaucratic nonsense, Prime Minister David Cameron has told those seeking to hold street parties in honour of the royal wedding to bin the public liability insurance and simply use some common sense.

The Prime Minister has urged local authorities across the country to stop telling their residents to take out exorbitant sums in public liability cover for royal wedding street parties.  Such activity is simply unnecessary, implied Mr Cameron, as the historic royal wedding nears and citizens across the UK gear up to celebrate the event.

The UK’s tradition of throwing street parties to mark special occasions is a strong one.  With their roots in the celebration of the Treaty of Versailles in the wake of the First World War, the tradition has grown to more recently being held to celebrate the Prince of Wales wedding Lady Diana Spencer in 1981 and the Queen’s Silver Jubilee in 1977.  Many streets even came together in celebration of teh turn of the millennium despite the frigid cold and dark of the 1999 New Year’s Eve.

Nearly 10 million Brits joined forces with their neighbours in order to celebrate Her Majesty’s Silver Jubilee with the capital hosting more than 4,000 street parties and untold many more in the regions.  However on 29 April the entire country will hold only about that same sum.

Social experts say that the decline of the street party has not been caused by an increase in republican sentiment or a diminution of community spirit but by local authorities’ overweening sense of self-importance.  These experts say that the burgeoning budgets and bloated councils have become enamoured with being big fish in little ponds, and many have grown tired of the red tape placed in their way for something as simple as celebrating the royal wedding.

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