Commercial insurance broker set to double growth this year

One commercial insurance broker is set to increase its new business growth by more than double by the end of this year.

Barbon Insurance Groups, business insurance broker Cadogan Keelan Westall, went through several changes recently, including the establishment of a base in London in order to complement its Hampshire offices, an increase in its focus on its overseas activities, a redefinition of  its range of products, and a strengthening of its management team.

Cadogan Keelan Westall’s head of business, Brett Sainty, commented recently that recent times have been filled with exciting times for the professional indemnity underwriter.  Mr Sainty stated that both he and Cadogan Keelan Westall were pleased to be able to issue a confirmation that the firm is well positioned to not only meet its new business target for 2011, but to exceed it, despite the current economic climate

Mr Sainty continued, stating that not only is the broker expanding successfully, it was also re-engaging with the commercial property insurance market place in more ways than it had ever done previously.  Commenting on the opening of Cadogan Keelan Westall’s new office in London, the business head called it a significant step in the further development of not only the firm’s UK presence but its worldwide presence as well.

The new move would improve the firm’s access to both underwriting teams and insurers, said Mr Sainty.  The broker is also beginning development efforts in regards to partnering with professional services firms such as surveyors, solicitors, and accountants, he added, while Cadogan Keelan Westall is also receiving significant levels of income from fund management firms as well.

Industry experts agreed that the broker’s accomplishments were noteworthy in light of the post-credit crunch economic landscape the UK is currently experiencing.

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