Lloyd’s insurer announces new business insurance product

One Llyod’s insurer recently announced it will be offering a new suite of business insurance products specifically designed to be made us of by commercial insurance brokers in the UK.

Insurer Catlin announced the two new product ranges – called Catlin Online and Catlin Select – in order to provide what the firm called innovative professional indemnity insurance products to UK brokers.  Specifically tailored to the requirements of insurance brokers and geared to their particular requirements, the Lloyd’s ensurer is committed to providing excellent claims handling and customer service to both types of cover.

The new Catlin Select range of insurance products is designed to meet broad-bases bespoke cover in order to meed the individual needs of Catlin’s clients.  Insurance quotes are provided with the exclusivity of one broker to every quote trhoughout a range of products specific to such sectors as manufacturing and engineering, commercial property, freight liability, marine cargo, medicinal products, aviation, and medical devices.

The offering additionally has broader business classes available as well such as directors & officers liability, product recall, terrorism, high hazard casualty, and professional indemnity insurance cover.

Catlin’s new Online offering has the target of enabling brokers to bind and quote a range of different covers designed to suit small and medium enterprise businesses within the UK in an effortless and swift manner with full underwriting support.  Catlin Online support several business classes such as professional, terrorism, and cargo risks.

Richard Clapham, underwriting director for Catlin, stated that both Catlin Online and Catlin Select offer UK brokers a wide range of high quality insurance products that were specifically designed to meet their clients’ needs.  The products within both new offerings were created in recognition of the growing needs of commercial policyholders for insurance and risk management.

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