Brit appoints new professional indemnity portfolio manager

One business liability insurance provider has recently made a new appointment to the position of professional indemnity risks portfolio manager in the UK.

Brit Insurance has announced it has appointed Daniel Mitchell to the position.  Mr Mitchell will work alongside other portfolio managers in a team that will oversee all facets of the commercial insurance provider’s UK business.  The new professional risks portfolio manager will be reporting directly to Brit’s UK business unit chief executive Ray Cox.

Mr Mitchell will be playing a key role in reviewing risk appetite, determining pricing, and setting strategy on a continual basis for his assigned portfolio of Brit’s UK business.  The insurer stated that the new portfolio manager will be working closely with its London underwriters in addition to its network of regional offices throughout the UK.

Formerly the financial risks underwriting manager for the London region of Brit Insurance, Mr Mitchell spent a period of four years leading an underwriting team on the financial risks account.  There he maintained a track record of product innovation and profitable growth that was referred to as impressive by industry experts.

During his four year tenure Mr Mitchell also served as a member of the leadership team for the London region.  He also was responsible for the development and implementation of Brit’s professional indemnity electronic-trading portfolio as well.

Before he joined Brit, Mr Mitchell served as a senior professional indemnity underwriter at HCC for an additional four years.  Prior to that role he was a PI Direct account handler and also a PIMS-SCA account director as well.

Brit UK chief executive Mr Cox released a statement in conjunction with the news of Mr Mitchell’s appointment in which he said that Mr Mitchell has been able to impressively maintain his focus on both technical excellence and underwriting efficiency during his leadership tenure of Brit’s London financial risks team.

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