Public liability woes force cancellation of veteran parade

Armed Forces Week next month will be short one parade thanks to public liability woes forcing the cancellation of one veteran group in Norwich, sources say.

After failing to receive more than half of what they needed to pay the costs of their public liability insurance in order to march in the parade, the Norfolk and Norwich Combined Ex-Services Association had no choice but to scale back their planned 26 June celebration.

While professional indemnity insurance funding usually comes in the form of Ministry of Defence grants, this year the association had not received as much capital as planned, according to association chairman Brian Wilson.

Providing £258,000 every year in order to fund the countless number of events to commemorate Armed Forces Week throughout the UK, the MoD accepts applications from organisations looking to cover the costs of an event planned in advance.  Before any allocations are made, however, all bids are assessed by the MoD. With nearly 80 Armed Forces Day events held nationwide, the focal point of the event is traditionally held in Edinburgh.

The association had originally applied for £2,100 to cover the event’s costs.  However it ended up only receiving £1,000 from the MoD.  Mr Wilson stated that the association had initially attempted to press on but simply could not raise the funds necessary to cover the costs of public liability insurance, St John’s Ambulance cover, and the costs of a band.

Mr Wilson also remarked that the association made the decision to cancel this year’s drumhead parade because the MoD hasn’t been as forthcoming as it’s been in the past.  Instead the association will be doing its display in the Forum, added Mr Wilson.

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