Commercial insurance brokers reactivate dormant accounts

One commercial insurance broker recently announced it has been able to reactivate nearly 100 dormant broker accounts in the wake of a successful “Win Back” campaign.

Office insurance specialists, Keelan Westall, remarked that it has been able to both broaden and improve its market propositions thanks to the recent campaign.  Focusing on brokers who had not placed any business with the Hampshire-based firm for at least six months, the campaign reports that around £135,000 worth in gross written business insurance premiums came in over a period of 12 weeks.

Brokers were said to have been especially impressed by enhancements to the firm’s service standards.  Such enhancements included a turnaround time of but one hour for certain forms of new business and an average professional indemnity insurance claims settlement time of only nine weeks.

Sophie Roitt, the senior development executive for the firm, commented on the results of the recent campaign by stating that Keelan Westall was delighted by its success.  Dormant brokers were found to be receptive to the campaign and expressed intrigue to learn more in regards to the new products being offered by the firm over the last six months, added Ms Roitt.

Others still were interested in learning about the other changes made to the company, the senior development executive remarked.  She added that the firm was looking forward to not only building on the good relationships it has had with its brokers over the recent years, but also to the opportunity to rebuild longer term partnerships as well.

Keelan Westall has launched many new products.  One such offering, entitled ‘Agility,’ is specifically designed to target risks that have traditionally suffered from high loss ratios as well as bedsits, asylum seakers, non-standard construction and non-standard property risks.

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