Firms invited to join scheme to make PI insurance affordable

Legal firms across the North East region have recently been invited to join a new scheme that could see them saving tens of thousands of pounds on their PI insurance costs, sources say.

Support and referral network Connect2Law, which specialises in providing not only cheaper professional liablity insurance but also ways to improve client retention and enhance their offering, is celebrating their 10th anniversary this year.  The network has in excess of 2,200 members across the length and breadth of the UK, while 66 of these members reside in the North East.

Enabling firms to access the support and resources of a larger firm, the organisation also lets the smaller firm offer their client all the professional areas of expertise that a bigger, national law firm would be able to provide.  Connect2Law members can also network with other lawyers, improve the retention rates of their clients by referring to a firm in their local hub, and special deals on business liability insurance as well.

Law firms in the North East were able to save thousands of pounds on their PI insurance premiums, thanks to Connect2Law.  The scheme offers competitive prices to their entire membership despite their profile or size by pooling the purchasing power of all of its members.

Connect2Law’s North East regional hub firm is Crutes Law Firm.  Business development executive for the firm, Viv Medwell, remarked that firms who have not yet signed up to the scheme are missing out from profiting on being able to access an incredibly large range of legal services.

Emmerson’s Solicitors, one of the first North East practitioners to join Connect2Law, also released a statement regarding the scheme.  Emmerson’s partner, Michael Robson, said that without using Connect2Law, Emmerson’s would have never been able to access up front PI insurance quotes, nor would they have been able to save the thousands of pounds that they did.

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