Hiscox announces new partnership with Business Insurance Now

One major supplier of small business insurance in the UK and the US has recently announced its new partnership with another insurer in order to meet the specific needs of their smaller professional services customers.

Commercial insurance provider Hiscox  announced recently that it will be partnering with Business Insurance Now in order to provide professional indemnity insurance to needy customers.  The new professional indemnity insurance cover is specifically designed for the home-office and small business markets, and is completely customisable for any number of knowledge-based professions such as marketing, business consulting, management consulting, human resources, and public relations.

A brand that Hiscox has been watching for some time now, Business Insurance Now has been providing cover for small business customers for many a year.  Small business insurance expert for Hiscox, Kevin Kerridge, remarked that it was exciting to have the ability to expand the range of its small business products with such a respected and experienced partner.

Now an extension of Hiscox’ direct business, the new Business Insurance Now partnership will allow it to offer professional indemnity insurance both online and directly in real-time with many other types of general liability insurance products.  Business Insurance Now chief executive, Darren Beck, remarked that over the past decade, the firm has been the leader in making it quite easy for owners of smaller businesses to access insurance products on the internet.  The excellent product lineup and targeted approach to underwriting that Hiscox has will provide advancement to the evolution of the insurance space for small businesses, and be welcomed as an addition to the firm’s ability to provide multiple competitive quotes to small businesses, added Mr Beck.

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