Cooper Gay appoints new CEO for business insurance broker

One commercial insurance provider has recently announced the appointment of a new chief executive for its London market and Lloyd’s broker.

Business insurance specialists Cooper Gay & Co Ltd announced that Mr Shaun Hooper has been appointed the London market and Lloyd’s professional indemnity insurance broker’s chief executive officer.  Mr Hooper had taken up the role of interim chief executive in December of last year, but is now permanently installed in the position effective immediately.

The new chief executive had joined the firm in July of 2009 as the its group operations head.  Prior to joining Cooper Gay he had worked as chief operating officer for Bluefin.

Toby Esser, group chief executive for Cooper Gay, commented on the appointment by stating that it was a pivotal role that Mr Hooper will be filling.  However, Mr Esser felt that, as he had already served as interim chief executive since December, Mr Hooper had already demonstrated is abilities in driving the business.

Mr Esser also said that the group’s continued growth requires a presence in London that will be both dynamic and strong.  However he had the utmost confidence in Mr Hooper, stating that he, along with the help of his senior management teams, will deliver on these important goals.

Earlier in June, the insurance and reinsurance intermediary specialists hired two additional staff to serve as directors on its downstream energy team in London in order to increase its growth in that particular sector.  The former leader of Alesco Risk Management Services’ onshore broking team, Neil Jurd, joined Cooper Gray, while so did Jon Parker, who had recently been a senior vice president with GCFac in London, where he served within the global property division.

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