Axa Commercial Insurance rolls out new reward initiative

The commercial insurance arm of one UK firm has announced a new rewards initiative for chartered brokers, boasting a range of unique benefits.

Commercial director for Axa’s business insurance division, Alasdair Stewart, recently remarked that there are nearly 80 chartered brokers across the UK.  As Axa is a chartered insurer, the firm believes that the lengths these brokers have gone to in order to achieve chartered status is deserving of special recognition.

Customer outcomes will be improved by higher levels of technical competence and qualifications, believes Axa.  This has led the professional indemnity insurance provider to want to provide both service and trading advantages to chartered brokers.

The insurer will be holding several discussion groups across the UK over the course of the next month in order to aid in defining what form these advantages will take.  Mr Stewart remarked that the firm would make an announcement about the benefits chartered brokers will be given within one month of these discussion groups.

Additionally, the Commercial Lines division of Axa also declared that it will be establishing a Chartered Advisory Group, with the specific and overt support of the Chartered Institute of Insurers, in order to aid in driving the chartered agenda.  Issues to be discussed by the group will include professionalism, qualifications, and ethical behaviours.

CII financial services and insurance markets director, Steve Jenkins, stated that both peers and customers have given recognition to chartered status as representative of a broker committing itself to the highest possible standard of professionalism.  Mr Jenkins said that Axa itself has demonstrated just how committed it is to both professionalism and to its own staff development by the achievement of earning chartered status.

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