Dog walkers urged to get public liability insurance

Brits desperate to earn a few extra pounds during the global economic recession were recently told by economic experts that starting your own dog walking business could be one solution – as long as you make sure you take out public liability insurance.

Dog walking as a money-maker has been growing quite popular in the UK recently.  It’s not only good exercise, but it’s simple, fun work that can result in quite a bit of extra cash, experts say, but they caution that any new dog walkers need to ensure that public liability concerns are dealt with before picking up the leash.

Those trying their hand at dog walking need a working knowledge of the law, as there are several legislative measures that need to be known inside and out before you begin walking those four-footed friends down in the park.  One such piece of legislation as an example is the Dangerous Dogs Act, which makes the dog walker legally responsible and not the owner if they cannot control a dog in their care.

Proper business insurance is also essential, especially if the owners of the dog you’re walking do not have any pet owners’ insurance.  To cover your own liabilities, investing in pet business insurance will cover both care, custody, and control issues and public liability ones as well; even if you can’t afford full cover, experts recommend at least taking out public liability cover (especially if your clients have pure-bred and expensive dog breeds).

Finally, dog walkers must use some common sense.  UK guidelines recommend that the maximum number of canine companions that should be walked at one time should be no greater than six; some councils have even saw fit to reduce that number further by introducing laws prohibiting more than four dogs being walked at a time.

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