Alterra announces it will underwrite PI Insurance

Alterra Capital Holdings Limited recently announced that its Lloyds Syndicate 1400 will begin underwriting professional indemnity insurance books as well as marine business.

In order to support the new business move, Alterra additionally said that several new staff will be joining Alterra at Lloyds in order to support its new professional liability insurance and marine insurance underwriting efforts.  Christopher Burgess joins the underwriting firm as a professional indemnity insurance underwriter, working under new manager Paula McManus, whilst new marine underwriting manager Bart Grefe will be working with new cargo underwriter Andrew Thorp in supplying business insurance underwriting to marine firms.

Alterra chief executive and president, W. Marston Becker, remarked on the addition of the firm’s two new underwriting capabilities by stating that it was an important step in enhancing its worldwide operations.  Since the November 2008 acquisition of its Lloyd’s platform, said Mr Becker, Alterra has also added underwriting teams for several different books, including property insurance, general aviation, accident & health insurance, and international casualty treaty reinsurance, while the firm has also expanded its South American franchise by establishing reinsurance operations in Rio de Janeiro.

Alterra at Lloyd’s chief executive, Adam Mullan, also commented on the announcement by expressing his pleasure that both Andrew Thorp and Bart Grefe were joining the Syndicate 1400 team in order to write marine business  Mr Mullan also went on to say that he had the good fortune of welcoming Paula McManus in her new role to help build and lead the firm’s professional indemnity insurance team

Mr Mullan called Ms McManus an underwiter with both great experience and with an outstanding reputation, citing her strong track record within the industry.

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