Gallagher gains 21 commercial insurance staff from Oxygen

Arthur J. Gallagher International has made a recent announcement that it will be gaining a 21 member team of commercial insurance experts from Oxygen Holdings with immediate effect.

The 21 new business insurance specialists come from a myriad of backgrounds, including binders and facilities, management risks, professional indemnity, power and mining, and construction.  No disclosure has been made regarding the terms of the transaction.

Gallagher commented that clients would not experience any interruptions in service, and would in fact still be supported by their same staff specialists who serviced them whilst they were with Oxygen.  Gallagher also added that clients will reap the benefits of the greater resources and increased opportunities that a larger organisation will be able to provide to them.

Gallagher chief executive, David Ross, said in a recent interview that this new agreement is representative of the culmination of a lengthy discussion process which was built upon the already solid trading relationship put in place by Oxygen’s sale of its underwriting business to Gallagher in September of 2008.  A natural extension of this relation ship, this move will further enhance and complement his firm’s existing capabilities, Mr Ross also said.

Oxygen Holdings chief executive, Nigel Barton, also commented on the move, remarking that his firm has had success in its development of some truly gifted entrepreneurial talent.  Oxygen are as accustomed to selling as they are to buying, said Mr Barton, as they have successfully acquired both Robertson Taylor and Smart & Cook Consulting while successfully selling off OIM Underwriting.

The market team in London, which is comprised of talented brokers, are sure to thrive under Gallagher’s aegis, the Oxygen CEO added.

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