Banks and commercial insurance firms pledge riot support

Commercial insurance firms, banks, and other financial service providers in the UK have pledged emergency support to Brits that have been affected by the recent riots that have disrupted the country, industry experts report.

One such business insurance provider, Barclays, has announced that it has already begun to offer emergency support measures in order to aid its business and personal customers that have been impacted by the riots.  Customers will be proactively contacted by Barclays Business Managers in order to determine the extent of any disruption or damage caused to their businesses, and will be offered solutions designed to let business owners breathe a bit easier as they recover.

Businesses will be given recovery time to take care of the damages caused by any rioting by an easing of business loan repayments and related aid, one Barclays spokesman remarked.  They also said that the extra breathing room will allow business liability insurance claims to be settled for any damages or business disruptions as well.

Additionally, personal customers with overdraft facilities will be permitted to apply for a temporary increase to aid in paying emergency-related bills.  The spokesman explained that the financial service provider will waive any fees related to overdrafts upon request, and customers without overdraft facilities on their accounts are also welcome to apply for an emergency overdraft.

Barclays also confirmed that any damage to vehicles or properties insured through the firm will be covered under its policies.  Barclays will be aiding its customers with home insurance that have been impacted by the riots to find temporary accommodation if their homes are no longer habitable and have also arranged for emergency items in order to facilitate the replacement of appropriate essential items, added the spokesperson.

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