Business insurance broker launches home insurance scheme

One business insurance broker has recently announced the launch of a new home insurance scheme that will offer bespoke insurance cover for UK psychologists and other related professionals who see clients in their homes.

Oxygen Insurance Brokers, which already provides the psychological professions with professional liability insurance, will be partnering with charity and care insurer specialists Ecclesiastical in order to provide care for psychologists at home under its Professional Home Insurance Scheme.  Ecclesiastical remarked that the new scheme was launched in light of demand for cover from psychotherapists and counsellors who often encounter difficulties with home insurance once disclosing that clients visit them in their homes.

The commercial insurance broker said that the new offering, a product rated by Defaqto for household cover,  was a work from home extension.  It also said that the new scheme provided cover for business interruption, business money cover, and had none of the usual violent and forcible entry restrictions to its malicious damage and theft cover for business visitors.

Currently only available through Oxygen, the new home insurance product was developed by Steve Johnson, the broking firm’s head of affinity.  Mr Johnson remarked that many psychotherapists, councellors, and more and more coaching professionals work from the comfort of their own homes.  With these professionals have clients visiting them at home, Oxygen’s customers within these fields have quite often run into difficulties when attempting to secure appropriate home insurance that would permit them to see these clients at home.

The head of affinity for Oxygen attributed these difficulties to home insurance providers having an imperfect understanding of the kind of work in which these professionals engage.  Mr Johnson added that Ecclesiastical has familiarity with caring professions, and they were open to providing solutions to the problem.

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