Apro Management enters solicitors’ PI insurance market

A new entrant into the solicitors’ professional indemnity market has emerged in the form of Apro Management.

The business liability insurance specialist will be underwriting on behalf of European Risk Insurance Company, supplying professional indemnity quotations to Lloyd’s of London insurance broker Bar Professions.  European Risk Insurance confirmed an exclusive three year minimum arrangement between Bar Professions and Apro Management.

The professional liability insurance broker’s director, Wayne Redgrave, remarked that Bar Professions was delighted to be able to now have an exclusive agreement with Apro Management.  Mr Redgrave, who has worked with countless solicitor firms in the wake of the Solicitors Indemnity Fund’s closure, said that conditions have become more and more difficult for firms to purchase affordable professional indemnity cover.

The Lloyd’s of London insurance broker director continued, stating that the new capacity that Bar Professions now possesses will be able to provide solutions for solicitor firms in light of the coming insurance renewal season, which is fully expected to be yet another very challenging one. Bar Professions added that there would be no limits set on the insurance cover, regardless of the number of partners within the firm, adding that it will also be available to solicitor firms who have been in the assigned risks pool, the insurance provider of last resort for solicitors who could not purchase  professional indemnity insurance cover from a traditional insurance provider.

There will also be no limits on personal injury or conveyancing, the Lloyd’s of London insurance broker commented, highlighting Bar Professions’ commitment to solicitor firms that have been struggling in light of an increase in professional indemnity claims brought about by the sluggish recovery of the UK economy.


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