Business insurance marketers sideline plans for UK offices

One business insurance marketing firm based in Jersey has decided to sideline its plans to open its UK mainland offices for a period of 12 months, industry experts report.

Commercial insurance marketers Adding 1 announced the postponement, remarking that the decision would permit it to focus on the sudden popularity of its range of excess protection products, which includes a Daily Mail tie up.

The firm released a statement, commenting that it has put its project of the establishment of its UK mainland offices on hold until 2012 in order to enable the company to focus on the opportunities its massive sales growth from excess protection products has created.  Adding 1 will continue to provide marketing support to key intermediaries and brokers, it said.

Adding 1 will remain wholly committed to working in conjunction with key brokers in order to market a wide range of business insurance products with added value.  However, it intends to focus its developmental strategies primarily on excess protection and shazam ET over the next year.

The market has been crying out for excess protect as a product, according to Julie Rodilosso, Adding 1’s chief executive officer.  While Ms Rodilosso didn’t go as far as to say that the success of its excess protect product was unexpected or surprising, she did remark that the current activity levels with it and other Adding 1 electronic products has led the firm to concentrate its efforts where the insurance marketers and its partner firms will reap the maximum benefits.

With Adding 1’s plans to open up its mainland UK offices pushed back another year, industry experts say it is difficult to predict where the Jersey-based insurance marketers will seek to set up its offices in 2012.

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