Business insurance broker urging safety first for coming winter

One of the leading business insurance broking firms in the UK has recently begun to urge ‘safety first’ for this coming winter, exhorting construction site managers to encourage their employers to keep up to date on health and safety procedures.

Business liability insurance brokers, Swinton Commercial, recently pointed out the results of a Health and Safety Executive survey which discovered that, over the past 10 years, more than 900 construction workers and almost 100 members of the public suffered injuries as a result of incidents related to construction sites during the winter months.  The commercial insurance broker recommended that policies need to be both put in place and kept up to date in order to provide cover for any accidental injuries that might occur over the coming winter.

Swinton Commercial offered several words of wisdom to construction site managers in an effort to avoid any accidents, as these can affect insurance policy premiums.  One such recommendation was to make sure to check conditions underfoot, especially during adverse weather periods such as ice, rain, and snow.

The insurance broker also said that, since the winter nights are quite long, making provisions for proper lighting for winter nights and dark mornings in order to safeguard against accidents was essential.  Employees also need to be protected against harsh conditions by making it compulsory to wear thermal gloves and waterproof insulated overalls, said Swinton, adding that these pieces of winter clothing should be highly visible in another attempt to make workers more easily seen in darkened conditions.

Wind chill and low temperatures can result in reduced alertness and dexterity, Swinton Commercial said, adding that keeping track of the weather forecast is key for those working in the elements.

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