Check IT firms’ business insurance credentials, expert says

If your business is currently considering making the move into the market for offering goods for sale over the internet through the use of parcel delivery, you need to check the business insurance credentials of any information technology firms you are considering using to do so, says one expert.

According to the UK IT Association’s membership services director, Andrew Corbett, the references, stability, and track record of any possible technology partner need to be reviewed and scrutinised before striking any type of partnership deal.  Businesses looking to branch out into online retailing need a serious firm to handle their internet needs, Mr Corbett said, and that includes not only finding out what types of professional bodies they might belong t or what accreditations they may have, but also if they have a professional liability insurance policy in place.

Making sure that the firm you’re considering has proper business liability insurance is of tantamount importance, added Mr Corbett.  He additionally said that any businesses interested in partnering with a particular firm need to find out what kinds of consequences are in store if the service the information technology firm in question provides ends up suffering a catastrophic failure, stating that at the end of the day it all comes down to considering the possible mistakes that could be made and looking for ways to avoid them instead of ending up learning lessons the hard way.

In a related news story, a recently published report from Postcode Anywhere, a software and services firm, found that two out of every three consumers feel that a specific and reliable parcel delivery time is a key component to their online shopping experiences.

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