HSE issues reminder to take out employers liability insurance

The Health and Safety Executive has recently issued a reminder to businesses to take out employers liability insurance in order to protect their employees.

The warning was issued by the HSE in the wake of two pub managers who faced prosecution for neglecting to purchase the business liability insurance to safeguard their employees from harm.  Required by law for businesses to have in place, employers liability insurance makes it possible for companies to meet any costs associated with personal injury compensation claims for any illnesses suffered or injuries sustained by their employees while in the course of their work, which means that employees who become ill or are injured as a result of their employment can make a compensation claim from their employer.

At a recent court hearing, the two pub managers had had several people in their employ at the pub – including waiting staff, a chef, a cleaner, and a manager – without taking out the requisite business insurance.  As the two (now former) managers of the pub neglected to purchase the proper insurance, they were without the ability to pay their workers any compensation that may have been awarded if they had suffered an accident at work or if they had fallen ill.

Despite receiving warnings from HSE inspectors several times in the past, the pair still chose to disregard the issue.  Each was told to pay £1,200 in fines and also ordered to pay court costs of more than £2,600 after the court found them guilty of being in breach of three health and safety regulations.

After the hearing, one HSE inspector was heard stating that it is a legal requirement to have employers liability insurance, and not an option employers can shirk.

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